Note #1 – Other than the tail cut, all cutting may be done with the game shears.
Note #2 – Hang the skinner at about eye level with the swinging gate facing you. Skinner may be hung by a rope, hook or convenient limb.

#1 – Cut the bottom of the tail, including the bone, but not through the skin on the back, as in any other “tail skin” method. Make short downward cuts in the hide so that the cut “V”s” out from the tail. Making this tal cut properly is the only “trick” to quickly and cleanly skinning the squirrel.
#2 – Hold the squirrel with the head up and the belly facing you.
#3 – Lift the swing arm up and place the tail compl etely through so that the tailbone is behind the rods
#4 – Holding the squirrel’s rear legs, pull straight down until the front shoulders are exposed.
#5 – Grasp the peak of fur on the belly and pull down until the rear legs are completely skinned except for the feet.
#6 – Lift the squirrel straight up. The tail will be automatically released.
#7 – Turn the squirrel head down with the belly toward you and hang on the rod extensions by the hide that is attached to the rear legs.
#8 – Remove front feet and head.
#9 – Remove intestines.
#10 – Remove rear feet.